Arts funding has been cut. Art schools don’t teach you how to get a job or how to write a grant application. Art makers have dedicated their life to abject poverty. This is not a real job. You will pay to show us your work. Describe a time where you did a degree that has no material value. It’s a struggle, it’s a war, and there’s nothing that anyone’s giving. But there is a way out. In the words of the esteemed prophet Britney Spears: “You wanna Bugatti? You wanna Maserati? You better work bitch.” Luke Devine takes us through his top 3 fave jobs as an artist, from collecting actual garbage at the HCC to describing a different kind of trash at the NGV. Watch as Devine details how a dual career in government jobs has prevented him from getting on top of his creative game. Listen as his mother’s capitalist mantra is embodied by the instructions delivered in Britney Spears proletariat dirge Work Bitch. The very same orders Britney’s own mother gave her from the age of 8. Laugh, cry and troll because other people’s misfortunes are really the only thing that can make your dead soul feel better.


Performer/Artist | Luke Devine

HOT!HOT!HOT! Climate Arts Festival
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FESTIVAL DIRECTOR ‘Tobias Manderson-Galvin’ SAYS

Who the hell knows at this point really it’s just a reference to a Britney Spears song. Did you even see Luke’s last phenomenal show? I’m of the understanding that you have to spend an hour with an audience in a room and it’s not even a theatre it’s genuinely just a room in a house like any other empty, haunted, abandonded house. It’s also about how ACMI is probably a dangerous, secret society; but then again nah it’s probably nothing to worry about how they dont have emails or phone numbers on their website and they dont even have a front door in their building.

TUE 5 – FRI 8
JULY 2016

WHERE: SiteWorks [Saxon Street, Brunswick]
WHEN: Tue 05, Wed 06, Thu 07, Fri 08 July 2016
TIME: 8:00pm (60mins)

TIX: $12/$15
HOTLINE: (Full festival pass) only $45/55

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Praise for The Land That Time Forgot

“The writing alone is so finely crafted that it would be a shame not to extend it into a long-form memoir for publication.”

Arts hub

“His words hit home for many of us and opened the window to what small towns can really be like for the rest.”

Melbourne Arts Club

“It was less funny than appalling.”

Bruce’s blog