Community-driven active research

Hot!Hot!Hot! (pronounced without shouting) is a contemporary, climate-responsive, performance and art festival launched in 2016, in Melbourne, Australia. The inaugural Hot!Hot!Hot! took place in the Melbourne, in the reclaimed setting of an old 1960s school grounds – the newly opened SITEWORKS.

Siteworks at Saxon Street provides the community with a range of facilities within a former college and heritage-listed house, for skills sharing, ideas generation, experimental teaching and technology-related development.

The first phase of Siteworks will provide access four days a week.
By the end of 2016, all facilities will operate seven days a week.

Rather than selling the property to developers or adopting a traditional master planning process, Moreland City Council established an innovative Expressions of Interest for an organisation to run the site over a five-year period. An existing partnership with 3000 Acres and Blak Dot Gallery has already activated the site through community gardens and events. The result of the EOI period is that Siteworks is operated by These Are The Projects We Do Together. Siteworks is proudly supported by Moreland City Council.




“The heritage house on site was the former residence of Alfred Cornwell, the proprietor of a major pottery and brick works in Brunswick. Built in the Italianate style the mansion was an expression of wealth and social position by a major 19th century industrialist overlooking his businesses.

Moreland City Council is the new owner of 33 Saxon Street, Brunswick and is working towards developing the site into a new community hub; and a thriving public space for community groups and events.” – Moreland City Council

2016 Festival Site Location