infrequently asked questions

Is that entirely on fire?

What’s his middle name?

What’s your favourite method of social control?

Are you partly funded by the CIA?

Have you seen WaterWorld more than twice?

Could dinosaurs cry?

What effects aren’t special?

Can you sell your tattoos?

Am I ready to hate again?

Why do you want to be in five years time?

Can you tell me a lot about yourself?

What would you say are your greatest unprofessional strengths?

If you were an animal, why are you reading this?

Can you tell me less about that?

Why did you grow up?

If you were to invent a sports team to follow

and lie about it in the office

and possibly also at parties,

would you prefer to call the team

‘The Eastern Suburbs Men’, ‘The City Team Colour Animal Mascots’,

or ‘The Big Smoke’?

Are you more a tv person, or a heroin person?

Are you always this breathing?

Are you on any serious medication, a government watch list, or mistake most people for your grandma?

Do you have a nicknumber?

If you win the lottery tomorrow, what’s your address so I can find you?

I know a little place around here do you want to set ourselves on fire outside it?