Who am I?

Citizens. The apathetic. The activists. The artist. The punter. The consumer. The saboteur.

Who’ve you come as?

HOT!HOT!HOT! is a real and present phantom.
A true and lasting apocalypse. A sexy and dangerous public service.

Why now?

Lacking time travel equipment the festival directors regret that on this occasion they are unable to present HOT!HOT!HOT! in the past (when perhaps it could have been called ‘Luke Warming’ or ‘Pretty Chill Really Guys Don’t Sweat It’.

Government want us all to drown or burn. Big business want us all to fry or sink. Also my laptop has singed some of the hairs off my the tops of my thighs so it’s good to get out and show off my new hairless legs in a pair of shorts. Surely destined to be a festival we will not, cannot and must not forget.

What is HOT?

The festival adopts a progressive understanding of heat, and one that is only explicitly political. The concept of ‘heat’ will encompass ‘things which are making other things hot’ – because this is often an implicitly heated act – and ‘hot things which are themselves hot’ – and much of what lies in-between.

Who is behind this appalling, fear campaign?

Supported by a cast of collaborators HOT!HOT!HOT! has two core members: Tobias Manderson-Galvin and Dr Tom Payne; and is presented by MKA: Theatre of New Writing in partnership with performance company Doppelgangster.

What is the connection to PSI (Performance Studies International)?

The festival is being run parallel to, and with the support of international academic conference, Performance Studies International, in Melbourne in 2016. A special performance of Doppelgangster’s TITANIC will be presented free for PSi2016 delegates. Hot!Hot!Hot! are grateful to Performance Studies International for the support.

How much does it cost me?

Rates vary. Most events let you pledge your soul instead of paying, but good luck trying to pay with it multiple times. All festival sales go directly to HOT!HOT!HOT! funding future actions, art, and adventures; and of course to pay artists, presenters, and speakers! Glory to the punter! Honour to the patron! Give until the oceans dry up, the land alights, and the Earth is no more.

Take me. Take me. I’m yours.

To sign up to our newsletter, to volunteer, to suggest a session, topic or nominate yourself as a presenter, or to donate to the festival, please contact us.