HOT!HOT!HOT! commit to ensuring that everyone can enjoy our events and we hope that the following information provides all relevant information about accessibility options!



For customers who do not require special access to the event, please purchase tickets here.

Wheelchair Access

Wheelchair bookings can be made for performances in any of the venues at HOT!HOT!HOT! We are happy for patrons to either transfer from their wheelchair to a seat, or to clear a space so that the patron may stay in their chair. We do not reserve seating normally but are happy to do so for those in wheelchairs!

There’s no need to do so in advance; if you turn up and there’s no space – we’ll make space. VIP!



There is at least one Disabled Toilet at each Toilet Block.


All works in HOT!HOT!HOT! have seating available; and indeed space for standing room also. If standing or sitting is a requirement for you, please let any of our front of house staff know.


Due to the nature of the event there will be flashing lights during some performances and strobe effects may also be used. Please consult the individual show pages for more information.

Assistance Dogs

Customers are permitted to bring recognised Assistance Dogs onsite.

Companion Card

The Companion Card has been developed by the Victorian Network on Recreation and Disability (VICNORD) and admits carers to shows as complimentary guests. Holders of this card are welcome to attend any performance presented by Malthouse Theatre.