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Movie • 55 min 21 sec
Completed • September 2015

In May of last year I walked from Ramsey Island to Bardsey Island in Wales UK. This is not only the boundary of the mythical flooded kingdom of Cantre’r Gwaelod (a Welsh Atlantis), but it is also an ancient pilgrimage route, a journey of faith. The idea was this: walk along the coast path and interview anyone I met on the way in an attempt to make a filmic map. My interviews were to be about climate change, but I wouldn’t formally decide a line of questioning, preferring to encounter people and engage them in conversation; more often than not this turned out to be a conversation about weather. What started as a journey about weather revealed so much more about the true complexities of climate change, relationships and the desires of non-experts. Part documentary and part experimental movie, Forecast shuns the didactic in favour of conversation; we learn much more from everyday conversations than lectures given by people with a pre-determined thesis. It is only through the connection provided by conversation that we will discover solutions to climate change and sustainable living.

Director Biography

Dr Sam Christie is a filmmaker specialising in landscape film. With several short films and one documentary feature to his name. Forecast is his latest film. Sam has done a lot in his life which has enabled him to gain wide ranging experiences that make finding and telling stories come naturally. Sam loves to work alone or in small groups and is always looking for innovative ways to communicate through film. As a film scholar, Sam thinks very deeply about why things happen in his work and also concentrates on his methodological approach.

For Sam’s academic article published in the University of Leuven’s Image and Narrative journal which discusses Forecast click here:


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